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Water Saving Tips for a Happy & Healthy Garden

15 March 2019

The weather is warming up at last, which means it’s time to fix up your garden and add some colour to the flower beds.

Once you’ve finished planting your new flowers, shrubs, bushes and trees, you’ll have to keep them healthy with plenty of water.

Don’t fret, though, as there are ways to ensure your plants live a full, happy life without using and spending too much money on water!

Water at the Right Time

Be sure to pick the best possible time to water your plants and lawn. In the warm summer months, don’t waste your time watering in the afternoon as the heat will evaporate the water much quicker.

Instead, wait until the evening when the temperature is a lot cooler.

Sometimes, your lawn doesn’t actually need watering. A handy tip is to check the soil a spade-deep down. If it’s wet, the lawn has enough moisture to feed, but if the spade comes out of the ground dry, grab that hose!

B&M Top Tip: To easily and quickly water your lawn, use the Rolson Heavy Duty Expanding Hose & Gun Set. The 8-dial spray gun allows you to cover a larger surface area without using too much water.

Don't Plant Thirsty Flowers

One sure-fire way to save water is to plant flowers that require less care, attention and feeding.

Plants like New Zealand Holly, Silver Jubilee and most Jasmine flowers do not require as much water as you may think, but still add a wonderful array of colour. They’re more unique than traditional flowers, too.

Collect Rain Water

Collecting rain water is an incredibly useful way to cut down your water usage and costs. In just one year, one household could collect up to 24,000 litres of rain water.

Unfortunately, we know barely anyone could actually collect that much. However, using one of B&M’s many water butts allows you to still collect plenty.

This Slimeline Water Butt not only has a tap but can hold up to 250L of water – enough to keep your flowers watered for weeks.

Water Base of Plants

Not only have you got to think about the time you water your plants, but it's worth considering how you water them.

Don’t just spray water all over them and the surrounding areas. Many people think this is fine as you’re hitting all of your targets at once.

The problem with this scattergun approach is that you'll waste water on unused soil which could lead to the unwanted growth of weeds. Instead, it's best to water the base of each plant, as that’s where they directly feed from – and you'd use much less water!

B&M Top Tip: To accurately pour water in one location, a watering can like this 10L Green variant is ideal. Features an excellent water flow control with a fine spray.

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