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What to Do in the Garden in December

08 December 2020


Wondering what to do in the garden in December? The colder months are a good time to protect plants and prepare for spring. It’s a great idea to:

  • Plant tulips for spring
  • Put out feeders for the birds
  • Plant out winter bedding
  • Tidy your garden 
  • Protect your plants
  • Put down lawn enforcement

The ground may be covered in fallen leaves and your plants, trees and shrubs may lie dormant, but the later months of the year are still a good time to pick up your garden tools and get to work!

Here are just a few tips on what to do in the garden in December, courtesy of the B&M team.

Plant Tulips for Spring

Tulips bulbs are extremely hardy and will survive very cold temperatures, so it’s a great idea to get them in the ground now. That way, they’ll be ready to produce beautiful blooms in spring!

Put out Feeders for the Birds

As the weather gets colder, nutrition will become more and more scarce for local wildlife. Get hold of some bird feeders and fill them with bird food to give nature a hand.

B&M Top Tip: Birds will need food with lots of energy in order to survive icy temperatures. Hang up some fat balls or suet feeders to give them a boost.

Plant out Winter Bedding

Keep your garden bright and colourful by getting hold of some great winter flowering plants for your flower beds, including pansies, primroses and cyclamen.

From now until March, it’s also a good time to plant bare-root plants, popular species such as sweet peas and vegetables like hardy broad beans and garlic. Make sure you feed everything with plenty of garden compost.

Tidy your Garden

As well as clearing away fallen leaves and other organic matter, the later months of the year are ideal for trimming and pruning to make everything look neat.

For example, you should divide perennials and prune them to soil level to make sure they grow perfectly again in spring.

If you have a greenhouse, this is the perfect time to prepare trays in which to sow seeds for the later winter.

B&M Top Tip: Check fruit trees for silver leaf and other types of leaf mould, pests and diseases. Cut back affected branches and dispose of them immediately.

Protect your Plants

Frost can destroy unprotected plants, so it’s important to combat the cold in your garden. You can use frost fleece roll to cover plants and keep them warm, or even wrap pots in bubble wrap to insulate them.

B&M Top Tip: You’ll still need to water plants - but try not to do it as much, as they’ll need less hydration in the colder weather.

Put Down Lawn Enforcement

Protect your lawn against weeds before they start to take over again in spring. Weed control fabric is great for this.

B&M Top Tip: Try not to leave gardening equipment outside in winter, as inclement weather can cause it to rust, rot or erode faster than it might in spring or summer.

So, to care for your garden in December, you should plant hardy species, give wildlife a hand, get everything neatened up, make sure all plants are protected and defend your lawn against weeds.

B&M Top Tip: Browse our range of seeds to find some great species to plant before the spring.

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