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Wooden Shed Buying Guide: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Shed for Your Garden

08 June 2021

When you're buying a wooden shed, there are a few key factors you need to consider. While some of these are obvious, you might not have considered other, more technical factors. Before making your purchase you might want to think about:

  • Size
  • Treatment
  • Construction
  • Roof
  • Doors & Windows
  • Shed Base

So whether it's storage for bikes, a place to work, or simply somewhere to keep your garden tools, take a look at our handy buying guide for wooden garden sheds!



The most popular shed for the average British garden is the 8 x 6 shed, closely followed by the 6 x 4 shed. These will offer enough space for your lawnmower, garden tools and some winter storage for garden furniture.

If you want more storage or to use your shed as a workshop, a 10 x 6 shed or larger will be best.



There are two types of timber treatment you need to be aware of before buying your shed:

  • Dip-treatment: the timber is dipped in preservative to receive a surface coating of protection against rot. This will need to be topped up annually with another coat of preservative. Most dip-treated sheds have a 10-year guarantee.
  • Pressure-treatment: the timber has preservative forced deep inside the wood for superior protection against rot. Some pressure-treated sheds require no further treatment over a decade though some manufacturers recommend top-ups. Most pressure-treated sheds have a 15-year guarantee.



There are three main types of shed construction:

  • Overlap: an overlap shed is the most economical as it's the cheapest to manufacture. The boards are attached to the frame in an overlapping fashion to encourage rain to run off the boards and away from joins.
  • Tongue & Groove: tongue and groove sheds boast a weathertight interlocking connection between a protruding tongue and a groove to create a robust construction. It is less prone to draughts or shifting.
  • Shiplap Tongue & Groove: this excellent construction is the same as standard tongue and groove, except for a scallop profile.

B&M Top Tip: painting your beautiful new shed is one of the joys of shed ownership! Choose from a range of timbercare products, in a range of colours and brands including Ronseal, Johnstone's and Spear & Jackson. Browse our Timbercare section now!



There are three main types of roof design:

  • Apex: the apex roof has two sections which come together in a peak, creating a high ridge from gable end to gable end. The doors are situated on one of the gable ends.
  • Pent: the roof is one sloping piece. It is ideal for under trees or, depending on the direction of the slope, as a lean-to up against a wall. Pent sheds are popular in modern gardens.
  • Reverse Apex: this differs from an apex shed in that the doors are situated on a non-gable side. This changes the way you can use the wall space for benches and storage.

Sheds will come with felt as the standard roof covering. An EPDM covering, which is a one-piece membrane with decades of longevity, may also be available as an upgrade.

Doors & Windows


Will a single door give you enough space to move items in and out? Or do you require double doors, to manoeuvre a ride-on lawnmower perhaps?

Bear in mind that double doors will use up more space which could be utilised for storage.

If the shed is to be used as a workshop or you require natural light for locating items, you will want windows. If the shed needs security, windowless sheds or sheds with high windows will be best.

Bear in mind the opening space needed for doors and any opening windows.

B&M Top Tip: looking for decking, artificial grass or paving? Our Garden Centre section has everything you need for your garden project. Find your nearest Garden Centre here!

Shed Base


All sheds should be installed on a solid, level surface. Cracked, uneven slabs, concrete or bricks are not suitable.

You can often choose between a wooden shed base and an eco-friendly plastic shed base. Check the accessory menu of the shed in which you're interested.

Find Your Perfect Shed!

Now it’s time to find the perfect wooden shed for your garden and your storage needs. Take a look at our high-quality garden sheds online at B&M Garden Buildings — you can buy online and have your purchase delivered straight to your door! (Please note that there are delivery surcharges for a few remote postcodes. T&Cs apply.)

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