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You Won't Get Far Without B&M's Last Minute Holiday Essentials

14 June 2018

Have you got a holiday planned for summer 2018? Whether you are heading off on a relaxing beach holiday or have an exciting city break to look forward to, chances are you will need to leave plenty of time for packing.

But what about those who have booked a last minute holiday? Whilst you are busy throwing clothes into an empty suitcase, we’ve put together a useful list of holiday essentials that might help when you decide to pack hours before you need to leave! Just pop into your local B&M store the day before your flight and pick up some last minute holiday essentials!

Before you Leave the House

Once you have a case full of clothes, shoes, swimwear, underwear and the kitchen sink, you will need to do the dreaded “weigh-in”. Our 2-in-1 Luggage Scales with Tape Measure will help you make sure that your suitcase will actually go on the plane, as well as measuring up any hand luggage you might be taking with you as well. That means no last minute panic in the airport as you get through baggage drop-off!

Another essential before you leave the house is sorting out your liquids into 100ml bottles that fit into a 20cm x 20cm transparent bag. Try our Travel Bottle Set and avoid having to dump aftershave, perfume or shampoo at the airport.

Look after your Luggage

Now that you’re packed and ready to go, you might want to think about keeping your luggage secure. Our TSA Luggage Combination Lock will give you the peace of mind that your luggage is perfectly safe during the flight and you can arrive with all of your belongings intact.

Also, there’s nothing worse than not being able to find your luggage when you arrive at your destination or even when you get back home. Attach one of our Funky Luggage Tags to help it stand out on the carousel.

Travel in Comfort

While you might be running to the airport after some last minute packing, there’s no reason you can’t continue your journey on the plane in relative comfort, especially if you happen to have a long flight time. Our Memory Foam Travel Pillow is a must for all those who would like to travel comfortably, helping you arrive fresh and ready for a wonderful holiday in the sun.

If you find flying a bit dull, you'll want to make sure you have plenty to do to make those hours fly. Remember to pack books, a kindle or even a tablet to keep you entertained. For that you will need a good hand luggage bag, such as our stylish Sovereign Cabin Bag to pack everything into.

Don’t get Burnt to a Crisp!

It’s not always a top priority when packing, but sun cream is a must if travelling to a particularly warm holiday destination. If you are going on a family holiday it’s also important to protect children’s skin from burning as the last thing you want is crying, beetroot faces when you should be enjoying yourselves! Make sure to pick up some Ambre Solaire Kids Sun Cream Factor 50+ for this very reason.

For some more great tips on staying safe in the sun, have a read of our 6 Steps to Avoiding Sunburn blog.

B&M Top Tip: If you burn easily, you might also want to grab some Malibu Lip Care Balm too, as this will stop you from burning in the one place you haven’t applied sun cream. Better to be safe than sorry!

Stand out on the Beach

Last but not least, just because you're picking up some last minute essentials, doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous on the beach or sitting by the pool. Why not grab one of our printed beach towels, including this one with the slogan ‘I Flew Here on My Unicorn’?

Leave your last minute woes behind and start enjoying a beautiful holiday, now that you have the essentials sorted.

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