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6 Simple Tips for Shifting Holiday Weight

27 January 2018

Everyone relaxes around Christmas and New Year, eating and drinking a lot more than usual. As such, it's not unusual to accidentally pile on a few pounds!

With January well under way, you might still have some excess holiday weight that you'd rather shift than carry around with you. Check out B&M's amazing health and well-being tips and say hello to the real you!

Ignore those cravings

Studies suggest that food cravings only last around 10 minutes, so occupy your mind when you feel peckish for something in particular.

Complete a quick job around the house and set a timer. Before you know it, you’ll have washed those dirty dishes or tidied the kids' bedroom, and forgotten all about the craving!

Leave the alcohol alone

It's not only food that contains calories; alcoholic beverages can pack them on too. A 12-ounce beer has around 150 calories in it, while a glass of wine has 85. Spread that out over three or four drinks a week and you’re taking in a lot of extra calories!

B&M Top Tip: Try and keep away from drinking fizzy drinks, too. Instead of sipping on fizzy, unhealthy drinks in front of the television or at work, try a healthier option with less sugar.

Drink plenty of water

Thirst can often be mistaken for hunger so the next time you think about eating, have a glass of water and see how you feel afterwards. Water is sugar free and has no calories so it's the healthiest drink you can have.

Also, having a bottle of water around and sipping away on it all day can help you lose weight, too!

Set weekly targets

In order to lose weight at a steady, healthy rate you need to set yourself a realistic target. Weigh yourself at the start and pinpoint how much you’d like to lose in total, then spread that out over each week.

Achieving your goals at the end of every week, or even surpassing them, will push you to keep going.

B&M Top Tip: Keep track of your weight each week and you'll see how much progress you're making. You may only see small changes at first but seeing your progress will make you feel more positive that the hard work is paying off!

Count your calories

Counting calories has long been a big tip for losing weight at a healthy rate. Make sure you check each item of food you’re thinking of eating and add the calories together.

If it’s higher than a normal daily intake, think again about the ingredients you’re using at meal times. Simply reducing the number of calories you digest can drastically help your health and reduces weight.



Last but certainly not least, you’ll need to combine all of your healthy eating, target-setting and alcohol-free lifestyle with exercise.

Going for a jog or simply exercising around the house doing press-ups, star jumps and burpies can do the world of good alongside a balanced diet.

You’ll be back to yourself in no time!

Do you have any tips for losing weight? If so, let the B&M Community know on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.