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6 Things You Need to Make Sure You’re BBQ-Ready

27 April 2021

Tips For The Ultimate BBQ Party


What’s so great about the great British summer? Well it’s not usually the weather. We’re more likely to welcome the summer months with a coat and umbrella than t-shirt and shorts.

The food and drink? Maybe. Britain has a rich culinary heritage, with influences from all over the world contributing to our national dishes and tipples.

It has to be the optimism, doesn’t it? Some might call it blind faith, others stubbornness. Uncompromising you might say. Whatever you call it, you can’t deny the collective great British will to go ahead with a planned BBQ, whatever the weather!

Here at B&M HQ, we’ve put together the 6 other things you’ll need to make sure you’re BBQ-ready. They are:

  • Fuel for the Fire
  • Finger-lickin’ Food
  • A Plan B!
  • Stunning Seating
  • Gorgeous Gazebos
  • Outdoor Diningware

Fuel for the Fire

The BBQ is out, the food is prepped and guests are starting to arrive. The last thing you need is a BBQ that isn’t lit.

If you have a charcoal BBQ, lighting it at just the right time in advance of your BBQ’s start time is vital to making sure you don’t have hangry guests. Stock up on Wood Wool Firelighters or fuel tablets like our BBQ Firelighters 48pk.

B&M Top Tip: safety first! Long utensils are the must-have BBQ accessories that are most often forgotten! When the flames are licking past the grill, you’ll want to make sure you’re hands aren’t in the firing line!

Finger-lickin’ Food


Of course you can’t control the weather, but the fate of your guest’s happiness is firmly in your hands. Whether you’re catering for meat-eaters to vegans and veggies, there are tons of amazing BBQ recipes out there.

Why not try out some of our recipes? There’s Chikumo’s Chili Lime BBQ Chicken which is simply divine, or Tom’s Smokey Jackfruit Vegetarian Burgers which taste even better grilled over hot flames!

We’ve even got some great drinks recipes, like Kacie’s Watermelon Smoothie. And Jordan’s Strawberry & Basil Sorbet would go down a treat for dessert!

A Plan B – So You Can Take Your BBQ Indoors!


We all know that just because your weather app shows bright yellow suns all day and highs of 20°C, it doesn’t mean you won’t be hastily putting up umbrellas once the grey clouds roll in.

If they do, you can count on the George Foreman Indoor-Outdoor BBQ Grill. A versatile barbecue that works as well indoors as it does outside!

It has a large grilling area, temperature control, drip tray and stand from which the grill is easily removed depending on where it needs to go.

B&M Top Tip: you’ll find all kinds of BBQs at B&M! From charcoal smokers and large family drums to traditional oval kettles, the perfect BBQ is just waiting to be fired up!

Stunning Seating


Whether you’re entertaining a large group of guests or you’re just lighting up for the family, having an area of your garden fixed with dining or lounging furniture is a must.

You’ll find a great selection of outdoor and garden furniture at B&M, like the Valencia Reversible Rattan Corner Set that’s perfectly cosy and snug for small families and couples, or the Madison Padded Patio Set which seats up to 6 people.

Gorgeous Gazebos


Of course even the best will in the world can’t stop the great British weather doing its own thing. But come rain or shine, it’s always handy to have something to protect you from a deluge or the rarer weather phenomenon…the sun!

Gazebos not only look great in the garden but provide amazing protection against all weathers. And you’ll find a great range in your local B&M store. Our Luxury Steel Framed Gazebo is shower-proof and even includes side covers to give you protection against wind and our Pop Up Gazebo gives great cover too and literally pops up in less than a minute!

For larger parties, why not go all out with the Garden Party Marquee? At 6 x 3m it can easily host up to 30 people, features large pane windows and large entrance.

And if any of your dining or patio tables are missing a parasol, we have the Deluxe Easy Up Parasol 3m to give you shade anytime anywhere.

Outdoor Diningware


Last but not least, we come to the fancy picnic diningware! Indoor plates are for indoors! So treat yourself to something new, colourful and stylish!

Like the Cabana Large Serving Bowl which is ideal for salads and vegetables. Or this 4 pack of Cabana Fruit Plates – we love the colourful orange and lemon halves!

Or why not serve up some beautifully barbecued salmon or swordfish on this charming Soft Sea Fish Platter?

B&M Top Tip: get your garden kitted out in the latest outdoor and garden décor! Whether you’re after floor cushions, blankets, picnic plates or decorative planters, our Trending section features all our up-to-date spring-summer looks, like Urban Wilderness, Desert Palms and Babylon Garden.

How have you been preparing for your great British BBQ? We’d love to see your gardens, as well as what kind of food you’ve been serving up. Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

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