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08 June 2021 - Home, How to, Ideas & Inspiration, Top Tips & Tricks

Small Living Room Ideas: Maximise Your Living Space

Discover small living room ideas courtesy of B&M. You can create the illusion of greater space in any living area with just a few simple home decor tricks. Read on to find out how.

08 June 2021 - DIY & Decorating, How to, Top Tips & Tricks

DIY Tips: An Interior Painting Checklist

This interior painting checklist from B&M will help you to successfully apply a fresh coat of paint in any space. Follow these steps to ensure that your painting project goes perfectly.

27 May 2021 - Home, How to, Top Tips & Tricks

4 Tips for Growing & Maintaining House Plants

Are your house plants starting to look like they need reinvigorating but you're struggling to find out the issues? Check out our great tips on how to care and maintain your plants.

17 May 2021 - Baby & Children, Health & Wellbeing, Home, How to

Walk to School Week: 4 Reasons Why You Should Ditch the Car & Get Active!

The 17th May is the start of Walk to School Week. What is Walk to School Week, and why is it important? Read on to find out more!

10 May 2021 - DIY & Decorating, How to, Ideas & Inspiration, Top Tips & Tricks

How to Measure for Laminate Flooring

B&M explain how to measure laminate flooring to make the installation process as easy as possible from calculating measurements to top tips and tricks.

05 May 2021 - Health & Wellbeing, How to

How to Get a Summer Body: Workouts and Tips

In this article, the team at B&M discuss boosting your metabolic rate, building muscle and putting together an achievable full body workout in order to feel your best this summer. Let’s get started.

05 May 2021 - How to, Ideas & Inspiration, Top Tips & Tricks

How to Spoil Your Dad for Father's Day 2021

To find the best gifts for Fathers’ Day 2021, look no further than B&M’s affordable and exciting range. In this article, the B&M team offer some ideas on how to spend the day.

27 April 2021 - Garden & Outdoor, How to, Top Tips & Tricks

6 Things You Need to Make Sure You’re BBQ-Ready

You can't depend on the British weather, but you can depend on B&M! We’ve put together the 6 things you’ll need to make sure you’re BBQ-ready this summer.