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Get the Look: Revamp Your Bathroom with B&M's Soft Sea Range

14 April 2021


Looking for bathroom decor ideas? Here, B&M provides hints and tips on how to decorate your bathroom, whether you have a large or small space, including guidance on ways to:

  • Create a focal point
  • Invest in new bathroom accessories 
  • Add mood lighting
  • Brighten up your surroundings
  • Revamp the storage

When giving your home a makeover, it’s easy to forget the importance of bathroom design. Whether you have a large or small bathroom, there are plenty of affordable and effective ways to invest in high-quality bathroom decor ideas and turn your space into a blissful haven.

Thankfully B&M has done the hard work for you, briging together a whole range of great bathroom, storage and decorative items from our beautiful Soft Sea trend.

In this article, the B&M team provides some great hints and tips that are perfect if you’re wondering how to decorate your bathroom. 

Create a Focal Point

Where do you want people to look when they enter your bathroom? Most people would like their bath to be the most inviting element of the room - and it’s easy to find ways to help your tub draw the eye.

Look for an attractive or fun shower curtain and find the perfect bath mat - with an appealing pattern or texture - to get your bath looking its best. You can also find cute wall art to add interest to dull areas.

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Invest in New Bathroom Accessories

Is your mirror looking a little tired and grubby? What about your toilet brush holder or soap dispenser? Even the most utilitarian of items can be swapped out for attractive, decorative versions.

B&M Top Tip: Find fun, matching sets to give your accessories a cohesive style.

Add Mood Lighting

Clever bathroom lighting can help you to relax. Find pretty candle and tealight holders and opt for dimming light fittings if possible to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere for bathtime.

Brighten up Your Surroundings

It’s easy to perk up even a small space by introducing new and colourful accessories. Pick out new towels in colours that match your chosen palette and seek out fun bathroom furniture to add a little personality to the room.

B&M Top Tip: Not sure how to choose the right colours? This guide will help.

Revamp the Storage

Great storage is key to a well-organised and decluttered space - and the pieces you choose can be a feature in themselves!

Choose attractive storage baskets for toiletries and toilet roll, and introduce robe hooks for a smart way to hang clothes, towels or dressing gowns.

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So, if you’ve been wondering how to decorate your bathroom, the answer is simple: choose your focal point, accessorize, change up your lighting, add pops of colour and introduce exciting new storage solutions and your bathroom decor will be revolutionised.

B&M Top Tip: Browse B&M’s beautiful bathroom furniture for further inspiration.

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