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Halloween 2016: Events in the UK

03 October 2016


There’s house parties, trick or treating trips, pumpkin carving and horror movies galore on at Halloween but if none of those things satisfies your need for a good fright then do something different and head to one of these terrifying events taking place across the UK:

Farmageddon: Lancashire

“If you can hear the screaming, you know you’re still alive…”

Crikey. The team of professional ghouls, monsters, madmen, cannibals and clowns at Farmageddon don’t muck about. They’re totally committed to giving you nightmares so this event is strictly for those who can cope with a large dose of terror induced adrenalin. You have been warned!

Screamfest: Staffordshire

There’s something particularly creepy about going into the woods in the dark at any time of year.

But, head to the National Forest Adventure Farm in Stafford this Halloween for Screamfest, an event that has five different terrifying experiences designed to tap into your deepest fears and you may never go near woodland, not even in daylight, ever again!  

Day of the Dead Fiesta: Cardiff

The Day of the Dead Fiesta is inspired by a traditional event that originates in Mexico. Like most social Halloween gatherings, it takes place annually on the October 31st with participants dressed in skull-based Halloween costumes.

However, unlike most UK events which focus on the spooky, scary nature of All Hallows’ Eve, this fiesta is a celebration of the dearly departed. Expect a carnival atmosphere in Cardiff complete with music, sensational costumes and performances by acrobats and dancers.

Ghost Race 5: Portsmouth

Think you can outrun zombies? What about the Grim Reaper? Well, head to Portsmouth on the 28th October for the Ghost Race 5 Fun Run and find out!

You’ll need a head torch, running shoes, high-viz clothing and nerves of steel to take on this 5km race because you’ll be dodging everything from skeletons to swamp monsters in the dark as you make your way through Portsmouth Park and Foxes Forest on your way to the finish line.

Wicked White Water: London

Why settle for letting someone else scare you when you can take control and frighten the life out of yourself!

The Lee Valley White Water Centre in London is offering visitors the unique opportunity to ride a raft or “inflatable hot dog” down the white water rapids that were used in the 2012 London Olympic Games.

There’s also a variety of spooky activities on offer families so book online for your kind of night-time fright from 28th to 29th October.

Ghost Bus Tours: York

“If there’s something weird in your neighbourhood, who ya gonna call?” Ghost Bus Tours!

This Halloween, there’s all sorts of weirdness going on in the historical and infamously haunted city of York and on this bus tour, you can get all the gory details about it. Complete with “technical trickery, professional actors” and heaps of spine-tingling ghost stories, this event offers a fun and frightening evening to remember.

Samhuinn Fire Festival: Edinburgh

Edinburgh is known for hosting all sorts of spectacular events and the Samhuinn Fire Festival, which takes place on 31st October is no exception.

Fire dancers and torch bearers dressed in fantastical Halloween costumes will make a procession down Edinburgh’s Royal Mile to West Parliament Square where performers will put on an atmospheric, hair-raising stage performance.

Dr. Fright’s Cine Massacre: Northamptonshire

If horror movies are your thing, then “Don’t just watch a horror movie, step inside one.”

As a winner and nominee in several categories at the Scar Awards (yep, there’s an official body that awards scary attractions!) Dr. Fright’s Cine Massacre is a real nightmare-inducing horror fest.

You will enter five mazes packed with terrifying sights, sounds and sick individuals otherwise known as “actors” who, inspired by four decades of horror movies will be dressed in theatrical Halloween costumes waiting to frighten the pants off you!


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