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Organise It! Storage Tips & Tricks to Organise Your Home

17 December 2020


Over the course of a year, we all collect so many things around the house that we could do with some organising!

Time to choose what needs keeping, throwing out and storing away.

Struggling for ideas, though? Don’t fret as B&M is here to help with some super storage tips!

Cleaning Cupboard

Is the cleaning cupboard in your kitchen overflowing with bottles, bleach, cloths and more? Well, pull everything out and let’s get started.

Organise the cleaning items into sections. You’ll have your surface, multi-purpose, anti-bacterial and window cleaners you can itemise into one category, then you’ll have sponges and cloths.

Do you also have washing up essentials, like liquid, scouring pads and brushes?

The next step is the easiest. Grab some Plastic Storage Tubs, with slogans like ‘Kitchen’, ‘Tidy’ and ‘Sparkle’. Tidily place each category into their own tub and put back into the cupboard.

Now look at that! Isn’t that the cleanest your cleaning cupboard has ever looked?

B&M Top Tip: Looking for a way to take your cleaning essentials around the house as you go? Use this Slogan Cleaning Caddy. It has space for bottles, sponges and more, with a comfortable handle.

Space-Saving Kitchen

Are you running out of cupboard space in the kitchen? Think about taking out those large pots and pans and hang them up on the side of your counters.

Woks, frying pans, and saucepans can take up lots of room in cupboards and drawers. If you can organise them stylishly from hooks, then give it a go! You’ll be amazed with the space you can create.

Pack Your Clothes Away

You’ve currently got your big jumpers, cardigans and hoodies out with the cold weather making you shiver, so get all of your summer clothes together to hide away!

With a Jumbo Underbed Storage Box, you can fold and store away a huge haul of clothes. Clearing out your wardrobe and drawers until the warmer weather reappears (in the distant future!) will create a real sense of cleanliness and will de-clutter your bedroom.

Make-Up Storage Drawers

If you’ve got make-up piled up in all corners of your home then you should organise it all into one tidy area.

Pick up these 4 Tier Drawers – compact enough to take up no space, but spacious enough to store lots of little items.

With transparent drawers, you’ll be able to see exactly which type of make-up you have, especially once you’ve organised them into categories.

Sort those Food Cupboards

Are you food cupboards looking a little chaotic? Rice packets, pasta sauces and sachets all over the place?

Pick yourself up a Small Rectangular Basket to tidily organise that cupboard. Line up the packets, sachets and more inside the basket to de-clutter the cupboard.

Who knows, you’ll probably be able to fit more essentials in with that extra space!

Do you have any organising tips for the B&M Community? Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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