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Organise Your Garden: Small Outdoor Storage Solutions

13 January 2021


Small outdoor storage is an excellent way to keep your garden organised and to keep your most used items easily accessible. From purpose-built storage - such as log stores - to more general storage - such as garden chests – small storage is an essential part of your garden.

In this article, B&M will show you:

  • How small garden storage can help you stay organised
  • Why you need purpose-built garden storage
  • A quick note about dip-treated and pressure-treated timber

How can Small Garden Storage Help me Stay Organised?

When a standard shed starts to overflow, dedicated small storage will keep items safer and easier to find.
Why have your lovely garden cushions stuffed behind your greasy lawnmower when they could be stored in a clean, weatherproof garden chest? Why head to the shed every time you need your secateurs for regular pruning when a small tool shed by the back door will keep them and a pair of gloves neatly to hand?


Help children look after their outdoor toys with their own storage. This will keep little fingers away from the dangers of the “grown up” shed and make teaching them to put away their own toys much easier. So, all those skipping ropes, footballs and garden games will have a safe, tidy home.


If you are a dog owner, keeping the lead, wellies, poo bags and ball thrower in a garden chest will make getting ready for those leisurely walks easier. Plus, many outdoor storage boxes also double as garden seats for pulling on those wellies.

Why do I Need Purpose-Built Garden Storage?


Let’s start with the obvious – wheelie bin storage. A handsome bin store is far more attractive than a wheelie bin and adds to your home’s kerb appeal. And it’s not all just about looks. A bin store stops bins tipping over in high winds, being stolen, or being rummaged through by untidy critters. Having your bins stored neatly out the front also saves you time dragging the bins through the back gate every week.


Log stores are another beneficial garden storage option. The slatted bases and sides of a log store allow all important air circulation that aids the drying process of the logs. There’s no point spending money on aged or kiln-dried timber and then leaving it to sit on a damp floor or under a condensation-gathering piece of tarpaulin. Plus, drier logs make better fires for you to enjoy.

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A dedicated bike shed is another key small storage choice. Bikes are notoriously difficult to manoeuvre in and out of sheds. Many a shin has been scraped when squeezing past bikes to reach other items lurking behind them. A low-level bike shed will provide easier to access storage for the bicycles, helmets, pumps and other accessories. Plus, wooden bike sheds are very versatile and can be used to store lawnmowers, barbecues and often-used garden tools. Just remember, keeping everything tidy is the aim!

A Quick Note about Dip-Treated and Pressure-Treated Timber

When you are browsing wooden garden storage, you will see that some is dip-treated and some is pressure-treated.

Dip-treated timber has received a surface coating of preservative to protect it from rot and fungal decay. If re-treated annually, this treatment method provides the timber with around 10 years guaranteed resistance to rot.

Pressure-treated timber has preservative forced deep into the wood offering it protection from rot and fungal decay without the need for annual retreatment. The timber will remain rot-free for around 15 years.


Small garden storage can be quick to treat; so if you are happy with the annual cost of treatment and the time it takes, dip-treated timber is an option for you.

If, like many of us, you are happier with the peace of mind that your timber won’t suffer when retreating it slips your mind, then the few pounds more for pressure-treated storage is a better option for you.

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