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Pet Care Advice from the Pros at Purina

23 March 2018

Our pets are part of the family, so their well-being is always high on our list of priorities.

Here at B&M HQ, we’ve been chatting with our pet friends at Purina. They gave us some top pet care tips for a happier, healthier family pet.

Simulate the Hunt with Play

Like most mammals, your moggy is a hunting-machine. However thousands of years of domestication has removed the need to feed themselves. Why hunt when food appears in their bowl as if by magic?

But your cat’s brain and emotional system is still designed for the hunt! This is where play is vital to their emotional well-being. Toys like fishing rod teasers, stuffed animal toys and balls simulate the act of hunting and keeps them mentally and physically stimulated.

B&M Top Tip: did you know there are over 50 breeds of pedigree cats around the world? Find the right food for yours at B&M: browse Cat Food.

It's Tough Being a Pet

It’s easy to think they’re destroying your furniture on purpose, but there’s good reason why cats scratch sofas and carpets. It’s all normal self-grooming behaviour.

Scratching helps cats shed loose layers from their claws, helping to keep them sharp and ready for action.

Scratching posts help fulfil this need for self-maintenance, so make sure they’re digging their claws into one of our Novelty Cat Scratcher Posts, instead of your brand new armchair!

B&M Top Tip: think about your cat’s scratching post in the same way you think about your stress ball at work! It will help relive any stresses or anxieties your feline might have (like “am I allowed to scratch this new sofa?”)

Similarly, dogs also groom themselves in order to stay fit and healthy. And you can help them stay stress free by attending to their coat every now and then.

Running a fine-tooth comb through your dog’s fur (literally!) or using a soft brush will help remove knots and untangle matted hair. The act of grooming will help distribute natural oils throughout their coat, keeping their skin healthy.

Show us your smile

Gum disease isn’t limited to us humans. This bacterial infection can become very serious for your canine’s canines, as well as affecting their overall health.

A pampered pooch should always have sparklingly clean teeth, so regular brushing with a special dog toothbrush and toothpaste will keep that glistening smile intact.

B&M Top Tip: if your dog won’t take to a toothbrush straightaway, get them used to your fingers in their mouth during play. Introduce a bit of toothpaste and eventually the brush.

How do you keep your pet healthy? We want to hear your top tips for keeping your dog, cat or other small pet fighting fit. Share with us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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