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Student Essentials Checklist: "What do I Need to Take to Uni?"

22 July 2021


There’s so much to remember when preparing to head out for uni - whether it’s your first year and you’re currently trying to arrange your initial living situation, or you’re heading back to work on your final steps towards graduation and you’re an old hand at grabbing back to uni deals.

Whatever the case may be, it’s super easy to forget something important as the first day of term creeps up on you, and many people find themselves longing for a comprehensive back to uni checklist to help them keep on top of everything.

That’s why the team at B&M has put together this useful selection of back to university essentials. From luxuries like cheap bluetooth speakers to vital elements like back to uni homeware, you’ll find everything you could possibly need to survive throughout higher education right here!


uni-essentials bedroom

It’s good to keep things simple and affordable, but try to make sure your den is also a comfy haven where you can snuggle up for some quiet revision (or much needed sleep) when required! Whether you’re looking for a cheap king size duvet or super cheap double duvet covers, B&M can help you out. For your back to university essentials in the bedroom, you will need:


uni-essentials bathroom

The next port of call on our back to uni checklist is the bathroom. Basic toiletries and hygiene products are so easy to forget - and very awkward when you do! You will need:

Living Room / Main Area

Student Uni - living room

Here’s where B&M’s back to uni homeware deals can make you a lot of friends! Spruce the place up for next to nothing, host parties with high quality cheap portable speakers and generally turn yourself into a super flatmate/host. You will need:


uni-essentials kitchen

This space requires some of the most vital elements on our back to uni checklist. If you know who you’re going to be living with, a good tip is to decide who is going to bring what, in order to save space. Just make sure that you all have enough of everything, and that you remember what you all brought when the time comes to move out! You will need:

Out and About

uni-essentials out on campus
Of course, you’re not going to spend all year stuck in your dorm. Some of our favourite back to uni deals are the ones that allow you to head out and explore campus and the wider world - whether on your way to lectures or on some other adventure! A good sized bag will also help you to buy in bulk on a shopping trip, saving money in the long run. A couple of your back to university essentials for the outdoors should include:

Whether you’re going back to university for another year, or this is the first year you’ve ever lived away from home, good luck! It’s going to be amazing. Remember, you can always count on B&M for the very best back to uni deals.

B&M Top Tip: For high quality back to uni homeware, whether you need a cheap king size duvet, cheap double duvet covers, plates, towels or anything in between, you can find it all for a great price in our Back to Uni section. You can even pick up affordable on-trend interior design ideas that won’t rub the landlord (or halls) up the wrong way.

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