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Take the Veg Pledge: 4 Irresistible Veggie Recipes for November

05 November 2019

Raise money for life-saving cancer research by taking on the ultimate fundraising challenge this November, and go vegetarian or vegan for a month!

If you’re a meat-lover and very rarely eat purely vegetarian or vegan meals, you’re unlikely to know any top recipes.

Don’t fret, though, here at B&M HQ we've compiled some fabulous meals for you to try throughout the month! Warning: readers may drool by the end of the post.

Vegetarian Lasagna Soup

A delicious and easy vegetarian soup - made with lasagna!

Hearty doesn’t have to mean meaty. There are lots of great veggie slow cooker recipes around, and this soup interpretation on an Italian classic bake is perfect for cold nights.

While this tasty Lasagna Soup only takes 10 minutes to prepare, you'll need to leave it in your slow cooker for  7 hours.

But don’t worry; when it’s ready, you're in for a flavour-filled treat!

Fill it with onion, mushroom, garlic, tomato, basil, noodles, spinach, different types of cheese, and some seasoning for a wonderful veggie dish.

Get the full recipe here!

Quorn Sausage Casserole

For something a little quicker, try this Quorn Sausage Casserole.

Sausages are hardly known for their low-fat content, but Quorn have managed to create a less saturated fat variation, making it perfect for a vegetarian casserole.

Prepare this meal in around 5 minutes and cook it in 20. Heat a large pan to fry the sausages together with onion, garlic, celery and peppers.

Then throw in sweetcorn, paprika, tomatoes, beans and stock cubes. Simmer over the heat and enjoy – it couldn’t be easier!

Get the full recipe here!

Vegan Blueberry & Lemon Scones

Fancy a snack throughout the day? Have a look at these wonderful Vegan Blueberry & Lemon Scones, which consist of gluten free flour and take just 25 minutes to bake.

Yielding a buttery, but still light and fluffy scone, the blueberry and lemon combination provides the perfect mix of sweet and sour. Slather on your favourite jam, add a dollop of clotted cream and they'll be all scone in no time!

Get the full recipe here!

Homemade Quorn Burger

Burgers can be terrific fun to make with your own hands – especially for kids. For your Veg Pledge, why not try a Quorn Burger?

Using Quorn mince – a low fat, high protein food – as the main ingredient for your burger, complete with all kinds of tasty salad, you’ll have a wonderfully tasty burger to feed the kids.

Best of all, it’s good for them!

Get the full recipe here!

Do you have any vegetarian or vegan recipes of your own? Share them with the B&M community on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

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