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Top 5 Awesome Autumn Activities

08 September 2015

 With summer on its way out, it’s now time to look forward to all of the amazing activities that you can do in autumn! This beautiful time of year falls perfectly in-between summer and winter, allowing you to experience those last summer activities, while looking forward to the cooler weather opening up more opportunities. We’ve brought together just a few of these autumn treats for you to enjoy.

These Boots are Made for Walking… your Dog

Walking in the height of summer can be a challenging task if it’s too hot. But, walking in the autumn can be one of the most pleasant experiences of the year. The air’s cooler and less humid, ensuring you can focus on the beautiful British scenery. Why not grab the lead and take the dog for a walk, if you have one, or even play in the park with the kids in the afternoon! Enjoy the sensation of leaves crunching under your feet!

Get your Jam on

If you’ve got some time to spare, why not try your hand at making your own jam? It’s a really simple process, needing just fruit and sugar. You could even make jam that you wouldn’t normally find in shops! Use whatever your favourite fruit is and see if you can create a masterpiece! Better yet, why not try your hand at baking?

Pamper Yourself

With the kids back at school, now is the perfect time to have some pampering time of your own. Why not treat yourself to some of our amazing range of candles? They smell amazing and are perfect for adding a lovely atmosphere to your home. You could run a bath, set a few candles up and read your favourite book while you soak in the bubbles.

Funky Fresh Fruit

Autumn is a great time of year for fruit, with apples, blackberries and pears all coming into season. Be sure to see if your local orchard or farm has any fruit gathering activities, ensuring you get the pick of the bunch before they head to shops! Plus, there’s tons of veg in season as well, from popular favourites like carrot, onion and turnip to seasonal delights such as pumpkin.

Top Tip: Why not try growing your own? Grab some spring flowering bulbs and try becoming a gardener!

Get Ready for Halloween

Why not prepare early for Halloween, by buying any costumes, party treats or decorations as soon as you can. We’ve already got tons of products in store for you, including deluxe costumes, 5ft tall animated decorations and party tableware galore! Don’t let Halloween scare you. Prepare now and you’ll have everything ready for 31st October

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