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Top Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe During Walks

06 January 2021

Walking your dog can be great exercise and experience for both you and your furry best mate. Exercise helps your dog stay physically fit, mentally strong and provides a great opportunity to socialise with other dogs. However, it’s not always a walk in the park taking the dog out. Danger can lie around every corner and your dog’s safety and wellbeing should be at the forefront of your mind at all times during walks.

Have a look through our tips and advice below for keeping your dog safe during walks. In this post you’ll read about:

  •          Staying Visible
  •          Choose a Sensible Route
  •          Watch Your Dogs Behaviour
  •          Doggy ID
  •          Short Dog Leash
  •          Stay Hydrated

Staying Visible

If you plan on walking at night make sure your dog is wearing a reflective collar and leash, this way they will always be visible down dark paths and roads. Protect your dog from the harsh winter weather and keep them visible, with a stylish and warm reflective coat.

Choose a Sensible Route

Take your dog to a nearby dog park or walk them in your neighbourhood, which will be familiar to you and your dog.

Avoid heavy traffic and densely populated areas, it’s more likely an accident could occur in these areas.

B&M Top Tip: The safest routes are the ones familiar to you and your dog.

Watch Your Dogs Behaviour

Allowing your dog to socialise with other dogs is fine. However, you do need to keep both eyes on your dog and its new mate at all times. Dogs interacting can be unpredictable, leading to aggressive and anxious behaviour, which can result in fighting. By regulating your dog’s social time you can prevent any fights materialising, and any serious harm to your best mate.

Doggy ID

Your dog should never leave the house without his name and your number on his collar, just in case the unimaginable happens and they get lost. Providing this information is vital if your dog is to return home, so make sure you never leave the house without one.

Short Dog Leash

Having a short dog leash allows for better communication and control over your dog. Commands are more likely to be heard using a short leash. A short adjustable leash allows for a more enjoyable and safe walk for both you and your dog.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated on long walks is vital for you and your dog’s health. Bring a collapsible dog bowl and bottle of water on your next walk, if you don’t already. Offer frequent drinks during your walk, especially if the weather is hot.

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