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Top Tips for Washing Your Dog Faster, More Easily & Without the Mess

08 August 2019

Whatever breed of dog you own - large, small, long-haired, short-haired and anything in between, bath time can be a bit of a nightmare! However good they are most of the time, not everyone is lucky enough to have a perfectly behaved pooch when the time comes for water and shampoo. It’s confusing, frightening and - sometimes - a bit too exciting!

So what can you do to get your mucky pup clean without so much stress and mess? Check out our advice and suggested pet products below.

Prepare Your Pet

de-shedding gloves

A major problem that arises from washing a dog in the bath or sink is hair blocking the drain! You can avoid this by using a de-shedding glove before you put your dog in the tub. We recommend doing this outside if you have a garden or yard, as it will prevent fur from getting all over your furnishings - plus, it may be a great help to the local wildlife; birds often use pet fur to line their nests!

There is an alternative, however - if you prefer to wash your dog outside, opt for a super handy pet washer. Just remember to ensure that your dog’s lead is tied to something secure first, to avoid a very soggy game of chase!

Prepare Yourself

apron & rubber gloves

There’s no avoiding the odd splash or two, however calm your dog is. Protect yourself and your clothing by tying long hair back and using a tough apron and a pair of rubber gloves - doubly useful if your pet has rolled in something it shouldn’t!

Set the Mood

If you set out in a rushed and strained state to start with, it may have a negative effect on your pup! Talk to your pet as if you’re going to give it a lovely treat (but don’t get it too worked up!). It’s best not to carry or drag your dog to the tub, as that will give the sense that what you are doing is against its will. Walk there in a relaxed manner with your furry friend - perhaps offering up a treat when you get there to keep things fun and positive.

If your pup panics at the very sight of the bath - or goes a little haywire when the taps start running - it might be a good idea to spritz a little soothing spray into the air. We prefer the RSPCA-approved type, which contains lavender and chamomile essential oils - no harmful chemicals.

Choose the Right Shampoo

soothing shampoo & puppy shampoo

Once you’ve bathed your pet in lukewarm water, you need to use the correct product to ensure the best effect. Again, the RSPCA offers a superb soothing shampoo - without any harmful chemicals, enzymes, parabens or alcohol. It’s especially effective if you find that your dog scratches a lot, as it contains aloe vera and oatmeal - a natural antihistamine - as well as provitamin B5 which moisturizes dry skin.

There’s also a hypoallergenic puppy shampoo, which is suitable for even the littlest of pooches.

Towel Down

Be sure to get your pet wrapped in a towel quickly after rinsing in order to avoid the dreaded shake!

As well as your regular method of rubbing down, a specialist cooling towel can be used in hot weather to ensure that your pup is perfectly comfortable and doesn’t overheat. The PVA-based material can stay up to 20 degrees cooler than a regular towel.

Finishing Touches

flea spray & Dentastix chew

Bath time is also the perfect opportunity to look after your dog’s general health. Give your pet’s bed a wash and spritz it with flea and tick spray before they next climb in all sparkly clean. Plus, after a bath, it’s always a good idea to give your pup a treat as a little positive reinforcement - so why not make that treat a specialist Dentastix chew? It acts a little like a toothbrush to remove tartar and keep teeth and gums healthy.

Good planning and a calm atmosphere are the easiest ways to make bath time super easy for your dog. Every pooch is different, so it may take time to discover your perfect routine. Be patient and give lots of love, and it will come!

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