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World Book Day 2019: The Best Kids Costumes & Books

14 February 2019

Celebrate World Book Day by dressing up as your favourite literary character!

We all have our favourites stories, books and characters, so pick yours and get dressed up for school.

Of course, World Book Day isn’t just about dressing up. You can have fun reading books too, but which will you read?

Where’s Wally Costume

Hide in the crowds and see if your friends can spot you in this super fun Where’s Wally Costume!

Complete with his trademark blue trousers, striped shirt, hat and black glasses.

B&M Top Tip: Take the Where’s Wally Now? Book into school with you, and your friends can join in with the fun!

Wizard Dress Up Costume

We all love casting magic spells, but you won't get very far in wizarding school without your trusty wand!

With this Wizard Costume, you’ll be able to dress in a fancy wizarding school gown, with glasses and, of course, a magical wand.

Dorothy Storybook Dress Up

The Wizard of Oz is one of the most iconic stories ever told, with Dorothy a much-loved character.

You could dress up as the adorable girl from Kansas, with your glittery red slippers and cute dress. Don’t forget to accessorise with a cuddly Toto dog, though!

And remember, there’s no place like home…

Police Officer Costume

Patrol the hallways of your school and home, and keep the bad guys in check with this brilliant Police Officer Costume!

Arrest criminals and bring them to justice while wearing this official-looking outfit.

The Wizard of Oz Padded Book

Take this book along to school with you while dressed as Dorothy and explain to all of your friends why The Wizard of Oz is your favourite.

Perfect for reading at bed times too, sending you off to a sleep to dream of adventures in the Land of Oz!

Noisy Parrot Sound Board Book

Have fun and learn at the same time with this fantastic Noisy Parrot Book.

By pressing the big button on each page, your little one can interact with the sounds. The book improves reading ability and cognitive function, and is a lot of fun too!

That’s Not My Goat Touchy Feely Book

Another brilliant book for youngsters to improve reading ability, cognitive function, images and shapes is this Touchy Feely Book.

With a range of stories available, pick up the whole set and enjoy evenings of fun and learning with these fun-tastic books!

What will you dress up as for World Book Day? Let everyone know on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!