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17 April 2024

B&M Boosts Local Economy with Brand New Store in Abbey Walk Retail Park, Selby

The community of Selby welcomed B&M's brand new discount store into Abbey Walk Retail Park this morning at 8am on Wednesday 17th April 2024.

09 April 2024

B&M Delighted to Open Brand New Discount Store in the Market Place Shopping Centre, Burgess Hill

On Tuesday the 9th of April at 8am the people of Burgess Hill were delighted due to the grand opening of their new B&M store. After completing refurbishment works on a previous Homebase store the B&M team have provided a new B&M with over 14,000sqft of shopping space.

06 April 2024

B&M Reopens Markham Road, Chesterfield Store Following Previous Closure Due to Flooding

This morning at 8am on Saturday 6th April, B&M store colleagues were excited to reopen their store on Markham Road, Chesterfield.

06 April 2024

B&M Creates 50 Jobs for Local People in Mildenhall, Suffolk

The community of Mildenhall in Suffolk welcomed brand-new B&M store into their midst this morning at 8am on Saturday 6th April 2024, boosting the local economy with 50 jobs.

05 April 2024

Brand New B&M Store Opens in Marsh Mills, Plymouth

The people of Plymouth were delighted on Friday the 5th of April when their new B&M store opened. Customers can expect to find a wide variety of branded groceries for the best possible price including a range of food, drink, and pet food.

23 March 2024

Blackburn Welcomes New B&M Store into Community Mall

B&M store colleagues were excited to welcome their first customers this morning at 8am on Saturday 23rd March, after Blackburn Foodbank took the spotlight to unveil B&M's brand-new discount store located in The Mall, King William Street, Blackburn.

22 March 2024

B&M Thrilled to Open Long Awaited Discount Store in Huntingdon

The people of Huntingdon were delighted on Friday the 22nd of March at 8am when thier brand new B&M store opened. With over 17,000sqft of big brands at even better prices the local people could not be happier.

16 March 2024

B&M Boosts Local Economy with Brand New Store in Banbury

It was an exciting morning for B&M and the local community of Banbury as the company opened its brand-new store and welcomed in its first customers today at 8am on Saturday 16th March.