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27 July 2018

B&M's Best Picnic Bakes: Scones

An elegant picnic bake that's a real crowd-pleaser! Slap on your favourite flavour jam, a squirt of cream and enjoy!

27 July 2018

B&M's Best Picnic Bakes: Lemon Drizzle Bites

During the summer holidays, you'd be forgiven for wanting to steer clear of any drizzle. But what's that? Mouth-watering lemon icing drizzled over delicate cake pieces...let it pour!

20 July 2018

Recipe: Summer Lagoon Cocktails

You can take home the taste of summer with these gorgeous adult cocktails! They're really simple to make - and even nicer to drink!

29 June 2018

Recipe: Make Your Own World Cup Sharing Dips

If you're a lover of dips and the World Cup, then this if the perfect recipe for you!

22 June 2018

Recipe: Pizza Toast

Have you ever just wanted to make some pizza but had no dough? Well, we've got just the solution for you!

19 June 2018

Recipe: Baked Bean Curry

Do you love baked beans? Do you love curry? Well, check out this exciting new recipe!

08 June 2018

Recipe: Giant Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Dust down your kitchen counter and pre-heat your oven...this ice cream cookie recipe has taken giant desserts to a whole new level!

30 May 2018

Recipe: Reese's Cheesecake

Love Reese's chocolate? Love cheesecake? I think you know where this is going...