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23 October 2018

Recipe: Spooky Brownies

Get into the Halloween spirit with these tasty brownies! They're really simple to make, and perfect for Halloween parties!

15 October 2018

Recipe: Mega Chocolate Bar Trifle

If you love chocolate and trifle then mix them both together to make the sweetest treat ever!

11 October 2018

Little Vix's Easy 'Bake Off' Butterfly Cupcakes

You've had cupcakes...but have you tried Little Vix's Cupcakes!?Buttery, smooth sponge and melt in your mouth icing either side of sweet strawberry jam. Ready, set...bake!

10 October 2018

Fizzy Fanta Halloween Cupcakes

With Halloween just around the corner, now's the perfect time to blend your favourite fizzy drink, Fanta, into a unique recipe to make the most delicious - and spooky - cupcakes known to man.

28 September 2018

Recipe: Ultimate M&M Flapjacks

If you love M&Ms then you'll adore these Ultimate Flapjacks!

25 September 2018

Guest Recipe: Pinar's Almond & Coconut Biscuits

Have you been inspired by this year's Star Bakers but aren't sure where to start? Our guest blogger Beauty Baking Bella brings you a really easy (and really tasty!) biscuit recipe.

21 September 2018

Recipe: Homemade Fruit Winders

We used to love fruit winders when we were growing up; but did you know it's super easy to make your own?!

13 September 2018

Recipe: Delicious Doughnut Fries

Are you a lover of all things doughnut? Well, you're in for a treat with this recipe!