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Father's Day Car Gifts

Car Gifts For Dad

If your dad's car is his pride and joy, you're in the right place. We've got a collection of Father's Day car gifts that will have him revving with excitement.

When it comes to car gifts for Dad, we've got everything you need to keep his wheels looking spick and span. From cleaning kits to car accessories, we've got the lot.

Car Cleaning

Let's start with the essentials, shall we? Our CarPlan Demon Car Cleaning Gift Pack has got everything your dad needs to give his car the ultimate clean, while our range of Turtle Wax products will have his ride gleaming from bonnet to boot.

Car Gadgets

But it's not just about cleaning - we've also got a selection of handy gadgets and accessories to make his life on the road a little easier. Our RAC Universal In-Car Phone Holder is perfect for keeping his phone safe and secure while he's on the move, and our RAC Steering Wheel Glove will add a touch of comfort to those long drives.

So why not treat your old man to some Father's Day car gifts this year? You might even get a lift in his freshly cleaned and polished dad-mobile! Oh, and don't forget the Father's Day card and gift bag.

Not sure car gifts are the way to go? We've got gifts for gardeners or gifts under £10 if you're aiming to keep within a budget.

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