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Food Preparation

Food Preparation at B&M Stores

Food processors, toaster ovens and other handy kitchen appliances are ideal for cooking food quickly, efficiently and conveniently.

They’re also elegant and compact, allowing them to be safely stored and easily used whenever needed.

B&M offers a great range of multi cookers and other kitchen electricals in durable materials like stainless steel at the lowest possible price - helping you to make a hot, home-cooked meal at any time.

Cheap Slow Cookers

If you want delicious, hot food ready for you as soon as you get home from work, our slow cookers are the ideal product. All you need to do is set the time and temperature and let the machine do its thing.

With no end of slow cooker recipes to choose from, and affordable, top quality devices from Tower and Prolex available from B&M, these great appliances make the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Cheap Air Fryers

For a fast, low-fat way to cook or reheat food, opt for an air fryer. Air fried food is a great alternative to deep fried dishes, but with far more health benefits.

B&M’s air fryers are manufactured by leading brands like Tefal, Blaupunkt and Mo Health.

Cheap Grills

George Foreman made the health grill famous - and B&M is fortunate enough to be able to offer products from this great brand for excellent prices within our Food Preparation range.

Cheap Pancake, Brownie and Waffle Makers

There’s nothing better than being able to make your favourite sweet treat quickly and easily. B&M’s selection of affordable appliances will allow you to make pancakes, waffles and a range of other decadent snacks with minimal effort.

Whatever you need to make cooking quick, easy and healthy, B&M’s Food Preparation range is here for you.

Searching for an excellent product to fulfil all of your breakfast needs? Take a look at our great range of Toasters today.

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