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Welcome to B&M Stores, ESTON

B&M ESTON(618)

B&M Store with Garden Centre


Trunk Road

Phone number

0330 838 9618-Call

Current Opening Times

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

In-store Services

Alcohol, Garden Centre, Paint, Wallpaper

Payment Options

Cash, credit card, debit card, please use contactless card payments where possible

Store Notes

Your local B&M store in Eston is not only the place to look for groceries, DIY and electrical products, health and beauty goods, pet food, baby food, and wine and beer at the lowest possible prices. You’ll also find that we have a superb garden centre too, where you can discover high quality, affordable gardening tools and equipment, seeds, plants and everything else you require to keep both your home and garden looking their very best!

Finding us by car is very simple - from the Southbank Railway Station, just take Normanby Road in a southerly direction, passing Golden Boy Green Community Centre and Low Grange Health Village. Directly after the latter, take the next left down Trunk Road, then turn to your left again at the first opportunity. That’s where you’ll find us!

If you’re on foot, you’ll be able to take the exact same route - or you could choose to board the number 64 or 64A bus from outside St Peter’s Catholic Church, alighting at the library. You can then take the next left onto Trunk Road, then follow the first turn off on the left after that to find us.

B&M Home Store
B&M Store
B&M Home Store with Garden Centre
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Store Photos

General 10 Jan 2022
Millions Raised for Mission Christmas 2021

Millions of pounds worth of toys were raised to help children in need for Christmas 2021, making Mission Christmas a huge success!

General 4 Nov 2020
The Perfect Gift: B&M Gift Cards Now Available In-Store!

With 6 designs to choose from, our Gift Cards are just perfect for your B&M- mad friends and family.

local 15 Nov 2018
Middlesbrough Welcomes Latest B&M Store

Middlesbrough welcomed its latest B&M store to the region today with the official opening in Eston.

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