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New Garden Range at B&M.

Outdoor & Citronella Candles

Outdoor Candles at B&M

Candles aren’t just for inside the home. Outdoor candles and garden torches are more than decorative elements; they bring a host of benefits to your outdoor spaces. Firstly, they create a warm and inviting ambience, turning your garden or patio into a cosy retreat for relaxation or entertaining guests.

The soft, flickering light not only adds a touch of romance but also extends the usability of your outdoor space well into the evening. You could even enjoy an evening picnic; check out our outdoor dinnerware on that note.

Citronella Candles

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, outdoor citronella candles and torches serve as effective insect repellents, helping to keep pesky bugs at bay during summer nights. The subtle glow not only enhances the atmosphere but also provides functional illumination, guiding pathways and highlighting key areas in your garden. Need a little more to tackle an insect problem? Try our Jungle Formula insect repellent.

Garden Candles

Carefully placed, a well-chosen outdoor candle can dramatically transform your garden, creating a whole new space. And thanks to scented candles, you can sculpt the scent of your garden with less hassle than it takes to sculpt hedges or a thorn bush. So why not escape from the hustle and bustle into a relaxing, scented garden of your own making?

At B&M, we’ve got a fantastic selection of outdoor candles in a range of scents, as well as garden torches. Browse our range of outdoor candles today and if you are looking for indoor candles, we also have a wide range of those too.