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New Garden Range at B&M.

Tuscan Villa Collection

A True Taste Of Tuscany

Transport your dining experience to the rustic charm of a Tuscan villa with this collection. Including plates that evoke the warmth of sun-soaked terracotta, inviting you to savour each bite of your chosen food and drinks in the ambiance of an Italian courtyard.

Our bowls, inspired by the rolling hills of Tuscany, bring a touch of countryside elegance to your table. Spin your culinary delights with flair using our lazy Susans, creating a feast that feels like a joyous gathering under the Tuscan sun.

Sip in style with our tumblers, designed to capture the essence of leisurely afternoons in the shade and complete the experience with our placemats. Whether you're dining indoors or under the open sky, this collection of products will transport you to the rurality of central Italy.

Enjoy the blend of indoor comfort and outdoor allure, turning meals into a Mediterranean escape in the heart of your home.

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